With the extreme flooding this past season, we at Trinity seek to help people and communities rebuild. If you wish to be a part of our efforts, here are a few ways in which you can help.

The first is through monetary donations. If you click on the link following this paragraph, you will be taken to our United Methodist conference website’s page on flood relief. One of the very first things you will find as you scroll down is a large “donate” button. By clicking there, you will be taken to a donation screen. The money that you donate will be used solely on these flood relief efforts.

Great Plains Flood Relief

The other way you can help is by helping us create Cleaning and Hygiene Kits. We will be collecting these kits, and the supplies needed to make them, and then sending them off to be used in the areas with the most need.

All about Cleaning Kits

All about Hygiene Kits

The clean-up and recovery from these floods will be a long process. As this process continues, Trinity will continue to evaluate how we can be of help, and keep you informed.