Our new “Loaves and Fishes” board by the mission table in Fellowship Hall will help us track and become more familiar with our mission shares. Our total mission share this year is $40,000. Rather than looking at that amount and feeling helpless, much like the disciples must have felt when facing the hungry five thousand, we can bring what we do have, our loaves and fishes, and watch something amazing happen. Getting involved is easy:

  1. Choose a ministry that speaks to you and remove the post-it note.
  2. Sponsor the ministry by attaching the note with money and placing it in the offering. If writing a check, please write in the memo the ministry you are sponsoring.
  3. Pray for those who work in and are touched by that ministry.
  4. Repeat.

For each $2000 raised, a “person” on the board will be colored in.

Update for July

Thank you to everyone who has contributed either gifts or prayers for the projects listed on our Loaves and Fishes board. We have been able to more than double our previous mission share giving, and we are very close to filling in our first “person” representing $2000 toward our goal! Our progress is exciting, but it may leave many wondering how we got to this target amount in the first place. The mission share/apportionment formula is based on the Biblical model of the tithe. As individuals, we are asked to give 10% of the fruits of our labor to the church. In turn, the church is asked to give 10% to the ministries that touch those in our own neighborhoods and around the world.

Today we will look at a category that affects several people we have had the pleasure of knowing personally in our lives at the church: pastors. Clergy Resources and Excellence covers a variety of issues like cyber   liability insurance and copyright compliance. Most notably, this is where our contributions to pastor retirement come from. After a career of loyal service, our pastors deserve to be able to count on the retirement they have worked so hard for. There will also be grants available soon in areas such as Christian education, Disaster Relief and VIM. This includes the Board of Ordained Ministry, Transition into Ministry, Administrative Review and Investigation for Diaconal Ministry.