If you lower the ambient noise of your life and listen expectantly for those whispers of God, your ears will hear them.  -Rev. Bill Hybel

For the month of September, starting the 13th we will be spending time on Sundays talking about God whispering to us.  Rev. Bill Hybel has a book out entitled, The Power of a Whisper.  This series will follow Rev. Hybels break down of listening for God’s whisper:

  1. The Whisper-Led Life (9/13)
  2. Divine Input for the Day to Day (9/20)
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice (9/27)
  4. Wide Open for God (10/4)

Please come and join us as we learn to hear God whispering to us.  Feel free to invite your family, friends and neighbors to worship as well.  We believe this is going to be a fun and insightful series.