I was taught that faith was obedience. Noah was told to build an ark and he obeyed. Abraham heard the call to leave everything behind and he obeyed. Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah were told to do this or that and that is exactly what they did. Faith equals obedience. God commands and we respond. It’s a nice formula for training well-behaved Christian children and loyal church members.

But then I became restless. Then I started to move around and about. And as I did, I discovered that most of the people in the Bible did too. Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden. Abraham and Sarah walked away from Haran. Moses and Miriam left Egypt,  David fled Saul, Jonah headed to Tarshish, and biblical parents taught their children to say, “A wandering Aramean was my ancestor.” Biblical people moved around and about. And in the process of all that moving, the people found God.

Faith as moving around appeals to me much more than faith as obedience. My life has been a journey. I’ll bet yours has too. And it is in the course of that journey that I have discovered so much. We journey here at Trinity. I do hope that you will join us.