written by Rev. Tessa Zehring

“Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands will grow stronger.” -Job 17:9 NIV

Job is thought to be the oldest written book in the Bible.I did not know that until recently. It makes sense though. If you have ever read this book, you find it is a story about a man, Job, who lost everything. The story goes that the Devil wanted to prove to God he could make life of man so miserable that man would deny God and turn away. God told the devil to do his best to Job, because he believed Job would not turn away.

As I read this book, I learned a lot about how to respond to God when life is not good. Job questioned, Job yelled, Job hurt,but Job never quit believing in God. He never believed it was punishment either. He did ask why but he stayed in relationship with God.

What is there to learn from Job? I believe we learn how we can respond in all of life, but especially when we are in uncertain and troubling times. We can also learn how amazing God really is. At the end of the book, God reveals to Job all of the turmoil and pain that has been stopped.

As we come to April and the season of Easter, we are going to be celebrating at home. Some will have lost loved ones to this new virus. Some of us will be uncertain about our finances. All of us have no idea what the future brings. Yet, at the same time, I hope you can look to Job and see the promise God gives us. A promise to continue to be with us, through all things.

Jesus Christ added to this message with his death and resurrection. God’s life giving power cannot be stopped. May we keep looking to God for how to live so we can keep growing stronger just as Job did. Just as so many have in this journey of life.

Prayer: Thank You for Your gift of life, Lord.Life that gives hope in the midst of fear. Life that helps us keep loving, when would be easier to turn away. Life that overcomes all things, even death. Thank You that Your message of being with us and watching over us at all times continues. Help us have faith, like Job did. Faith that keeps us connected to You, believing in Your power and glory, God. Amen.
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