Serve a Stranger

by Matt Hindley

Read - 1 Kings 17:8-16

We live in a different world is a phrase that couldn’t be any truer to my mind after reading this story from 1 Kings. Here we have a widow who opens her door to a stranger, and after listening to his plea, shares what little food she and her son have left to eat…in a drought.

I grew up in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. I learned all about “Stranger Danger”. If you saw someone you didn’t know, you didn’t talk to them. Yet at the same time, I was learning another lesson. I watched Sesame Street practically every day. On that program, I learned that it was possible that “stranger” did not automatically mean bad.

If we share love with a stranger, like the widow did to Elijah with her act of compassion, then it is likely the stranger will not stay one. You may just end up with a friend. Regardless, God calls us to share. View your life as being full, not empty, of love and share it.

Dear God, help me to see the ways that I can share love with people I do not and may never know fully. Help me to recognize that even when I feel I have nothing to give, I still have myself. And sometimes, that is just right. Amen.
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