Love Extravagantly

by Rev. Tessa Zehring

Read - Luke 6:27-42

One of the things I admire most about Jesus is how he is not afraid to address tough topics. I often think of these topics as issues that we like to keep hidden. Topics like sin and evil. Topics like judgment and justice. Topics like loving all people, even our enemies. Wait, we have enemies? See, another one of those topics.

I invite you to read the above scripture again. Take it section by section, or even verse by verse. This teaching of Jesus has a lot of information in it. A lot of information that makes me stop and think about my actions. Love my enemies. Give to those who will not be able to repay me. Those are so hard to follow. Forgive as you will be forgiven. Judge as you want to be judged.

Honestly, it is impossible to do as Jesus is instructing. What if that is the point? What if it is supposed to be impossible? Impossible for each of us  to judge others, to lack compassion, to hurt those we do not like, including ourselves. I wonder if that is the point.

Lord, you call me to love my enemies and not judge others. Help me to do this, starting with compassion for God and myself that overflows into the world, just like you did. Amen.
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