God Is Love

written by Matt Hindley

Read 1 John 4:7-21

So much of my faith life has been a continual lesson on just how much I am loved by God.
I would like to think that as a child I knew this lesson to be true all the time. Yet as an adult, I am constantly needing to remind myself of this important fact again and again.

It is so easy to let the world influence how I perceive myself to be. I see others and I start to compare and contrast myself to them. This often leads me to believe that I am lacking in some aspect. And if I’m lacking, then does that mean I am not as good? Am I not worthy? Am I loved less?

I’m touching on this topic because I have recently noticed in the news a push for awareness in suicide prevention. We have now experienced one full year of our lives being up-ended due to a worldwide pandemic. Our lives have been changed radically, to the point that the internet is the main source of human interactions for many people.

Life online is not real though.

Have you noticed that we often aren’t our authentic selves online? I mean that we often don’t post pictures of us on bad hair days, or tell stories that show us in the wrong. We photoshop, cut and paste, and just plain edit our lives. We share polished, more perfect versions of ourselves.

Day after day, we are bombarded with images of happy, perfect people. Unfortunately, there are people who cannot see themselves as one of them. They wonder, “Why am I not happy? Why can’t I be like them? Am I not worthy? Am I even likeable let alone lovable?”

The answer is an emphatic YES!

God loves you! God looks past your perceived flaws and loves you. You are loved just as much on your worst days as on your best. God’s love is not earned; it is freely given. God loved us first, before we even had an inkling of who God is.

Again and again we must remember this truth: God loves us.

Prayer: Dear God, when the world around me tries to label me as less than perfect or unlovable, help me to remember that you call me worthy. You say I am Your child. You say that I am loved. Help me also to remember that everyone is Your child and just as worthy of Your love as I am. Thank You that Your love is never-failing and unconditional. Amen.
*Should you or someone you know need to speak with a counselor, Rev. Tessa is always willing to listen, and be contacted through the church office. Another resource is the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Their number is 800-273-8255. They have trained counselors available all day, every day. Please remember that you are not alone.

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