Wash Another's Feet

by Matt Hindley

Read - John 13:1-17

In this seemingly simple act, Jesus took something dirty and made it clean. He knelt down and tenderly washed his disciples tired, dusty feet. Yet, I would argue he did so much more. He washed everyone’s feet, including Judas’ who Jesus knew would betray him. Jesus as God incarnate did not place himself above others. Instead, he showed true love and served all who were there that night. I would say it is this act of service that Jesus made clean.

What do I mean by that? Well, are there jobs that you are unwilling to do: trash collector, fry cook, etc.? What would you think if you saw someone famous doing those jobs? Would it change your mind on that profession? Would you look at the people differently who normally do those jobs?

I think Jesus wants us to understand that we need to have compassion for others. We need to step out and do the things that may make us uncomfortable in order to make wrongs right. We need to not place ourselves higher than others; for in God’s eyes, we are all equal.

God, help me to serve who you serve, love what you love, and follow where you lead. Amen.
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