Show Mercy

by Rev. Tessa Zehring

Read - 1 Samuel 24:1-10

I have to confess that I do not remember reading this scripture before. It did not go how I expected. I was expecting David and his friends to stay hidden and worry that Saul would see them and kill them, not that they would contemplate taking Saul’s life and end up showing mercy.

I remember playing the game mercy as a child. To play, two people hold hands and try to hurt the other person by bending wrists until someone yells, “Mercy!” This meant that the other person was ready to stop hurting.

That is the key to mercy isn’t it? There needs to be a desire to stop hurting. It can be hurting ourselves or someone else. I know this is something I often feel lately. I wonder if this is how God feels most of the time? Is this why God shows mercy? Because the Lord is ready for us all to stop hurting each other. Maybe we should talk to the Lord and find out.

Lord, is your desire to show mercy to the world? Can you guide me to live into your desire? Help me show mercy and not vengeance, especially when it is not expected. Amen.
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