Easter – Faith & Doubt

by Rev. Tessa Zehring

ReadLuke 24:1-12

Christ is Risen! Right? That is what we said and sang about in church on Easter Sunday as we worshiped together. Christ is risen, death has been overcome. This one day will inspire pages of inspiring words that share how God has power over the grave. This is the day that is why we have faith. Right?

“But what if I doubt?” This is probably the hardest question to ask today. My answer is then you would be in good company. When you read the scripture from Luke, did you notice that people have been doubting on this day since the very first Easter? The women went to the tomb, found it empty, and didn’t know what to make of it. They were confused and scared. They listened to the explanation and then went and told the disciples. How did the disciples react? The Common English Bible said “the words struck the disciples as nonsense and they did not believe the women.”

Doubting is normal for today. But so is faith. Searching to find out if there is something more. Even though they thought it was nonsense, Peter still went to see what had happened. He still did not fully understand…but he would.

On this day of resurrection glory, even if you doubt, are you willing to leave room to believe? That is what the resurrection is all about. Being open to having faith in spite of your doubts.

Lord help me choose faith. Amen.
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