Nana's Lesson

written by Matt Hindley

I am a crafter. I have tried my hand at origami, knitting, wood working, stained glass, and so much more. I like being creative. I like taking unassuming objects and making something unique. It give me joy.

One of the people who instilled this desire to create was my Nana. Whenever we would visit, my Nana was never far from a canvas bag that was stuffed with supplies for her latest crochet project. There would be crochet hooks, skeins of yarn, patterns, and most likely a Bingo dauber or two (they ended up everywhere).

She would find a spot to sit, and out would come the yarn. Stitch by stitch she would methodically fashion something from what seemed like nothing. It was awe inspiring to me.

When I first expressed an interest in learning, she was my guide. She taught me the basics from the standard stitches to reading a pattern. Then we moved on to more complicated things. Through it all, she was there to offer what she had learned through experience.

The greatest lesson I learned from her was this: don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Perfection comes from God, and we are humans. Humans make mistakes. We can work towards perfection, but a mistake is not going to make the finished project any less beautiful. God will still love us, imperfections and all.

Prayer: God, I come before You today acknowledging that I am not perfect. I make mistakes again and again. Yet You look at me, and still call me beautiful. I cannot thank You enough for Your unconditional love. Help me to create a life that is pleasing to You, mistakes and all. Amen.

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